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Charles Chi

As a career martial artist Charles Chi has been immersed in martial arts for over 50 Years. Holding Black Belts in Kyokushin Karate, Tomiki Aikido, Aiki Jiu-Jitsu, Tae Kwan Do and Endless Circle Ryu Jiu-Jitsu, he is also a certified instructor in Pencak Silat Mande Muda, Filipino Stick and Knife fighting, Muay Thai Boxing, Wing Chun Gung-Fu, and is also certified in Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s Martial Art) under the legendary Guro Dan Inosanto. A lifelong student he has most recently added Krav Maga (Israeli Self –Defense) and the Keysi Fighting Method to long list of credentials. A review of his instructors reads like a who’s who in the martial arts world. Throughout his career he has not only devoted himself to his studies in martial arts but has also been deeply involved with community service and has received the Presidential Silver award for over 4000 hours of community service. Twice inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Charles is also one the few martial artists in the world to have successfully completed “The Ultimate Black Belt Test.”

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