Champions are Achievers

Champions are achievers, in and out of the dojo. They strive to be their best in every area of their life. A true Champion in the Martial Arts is always striving to get better and better, on and off the mat.

Why is it so common to see a Black Belt Champion become an achiever outside of the dojo as well? One of the key reasons is that the Martial Arts instills the desire to become the best you can be. As a Champion, you are always striving to take yourself to the next level.

No matter how great of a Champion you become, no matter how many Black Belt Degrees you hold, the biggest room in the world, is always the room for improvement.

Junior Champions are striving for academic excellence and to be the best kid they can be, at home, at school and in the dojo. They may not be perfect, however, they are far better than the vast majority of the kids you see hanging out at the mall, or playing endless hours of video games everyday.

Adult Champions are striving to be achievers and leaders in their career and business life, as well as at home with their family. They let the stress out at the dojo and then deal with real life much better. The best must always get better and achievers are always searching for ways to improve themselves and the results they produce.

Life is so much more fun when you are excelling at it. Look at your Martial Arts training as much more than just training for another belt, losing weight or getting in better shape. Look at as a success conditioning program that is preparing you to excel in life.

Here is a great affirmation to repeat as part of your mental conditioning program:

I'm a Champion…I'm an Achiever…I am a lean and fit Black Belt Machine, I'm on the Quest to be my Best…ASAH!

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