Habit of Giving your Best Effort!

"Learn how to turn frustration into fascination. You will learn more being  fascinated by life than you will by being frustrated by it."   -- Jim Rohn

This week’s focus is the Habit of Giving your Best Effort.
Whether we are talking about Martial Arts classes, study habits or work…you will
always succeed at a higher level if you develop the habit of giving your best effort.
Nobody achieves greatness by being lazy or giving a half hearted effort.
If you study the training of Champions in any sport, you will see them putting in
hours of dedicated practice and giving their best effort to get better.
When you give your best effort and consistently push to exceed your previous best,
you will get better and you will improve.
Never allow Minimums become your Maximums.
When you push yourself to your current maximum, and then strive for 10% improvement
or better, you will constantly raise the bar on your personal best.
You will take yourself to new levels of excellence.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you get in the habit of giving a minimal effort
and accepting less than your best, this can also become habit.
If you’re not careful, before you know it, your minimum will become your maximum.
Look at everything you do, on and off the mat, think about how you can give
your best effort and do it better.
In the dojo...what can you do to pick up the pace to improve your skills and conditioning?
At work...can you arrive a little earlier, stay later, improve your effort and increase your overall contribution?
Habits we Train...are Habits we Gain!
Health & Fitness Tip}>F.I.T.T.=>Frequency/Intensity/Time/Type
One of the reasons you see many top UFC fighters in such tremendous physical condition
is because they are constantly working out in similar fashion as you might see a trained
Navy Seal go through.
FREQUENCY - How often you train will certainly make a difference in the level of health
and fitness you will obtain and maintain. As you learned in last weeks tips, we encourage
you aim to do something for yourself everyday.
INTENSITY - To obtain your maximum level of fitness, you must gradually build up the level
of intensity in your workouts. This is true in your strength training, cardiovascular and your
flexibility. The better conditioning you develop, the more intense you'll be able to train.
TIME - Like classes in the dojo, as you improve in your skills and conditioning, the more
you'll be able to go longer and stay stronger. Think of the time length of rounds when you
first begin sparring, you usually find yourself tiring within the first 60-90 seconds. As you
learn to preserve your energy and improve your fitness, you'll be able to last must longer.
TYPE- This is the type of training you're doing. You may choose running, elliptical, stair 
climbing or swimming as your choice for improving your cardiovascular endurance. There
are many ways to improve each aspect of your overall health and fitness.
The F.I.T.T. formula is an excellent way to keep your training challenging
and fun while seeing positive, progressive results and improvements.
Train Hard...Work Smart and enjoy the Rewards of your Success!


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