Self-Defense Taken Into a Whole New Level

The Hyper Fight Club is a combination of self-defense and sparring techniques, a deadly duo that will turn you into the most prepared and courageous warrior out there! Hyper Fight Club is a unique experience for everyone. It offers various elements, such as martial arts sparring combinations, plyometrics, combat sprints, counters, tactical strategies, self-defense techniques, sparring activities, music, workshops, and special events. There's no need to be scared about unexpected threats, your mastery of this art is a threat in itself! 

Welcome the Warrior in You

We want our students to be their own kind of warrior. We yearn to make them decide independently while keeping in mind the values of respect for others, integrity, and compassion for humankind. We strive to inspire our students to look at being a warrior as someone who is not a violent person but someone who believes in long-term health, defending oneself and loved ones, and living a life of goodness, honesty, and strength. 

This is also a good opportunity for youth and teen members to be aware of bullying issues and handle them well. We also have training challenges and workshops that will surely help our students get better at their art.