Embrace the Traditional, Welcome the Modern

Nothing will get as hyper as this program! The name speaks for itself, but you will indeed have to experience it to see what we mean. Hyper Training is a new, modern, and innovative program that will make you look at martial arts in a different kind of light. The Hyper Pro Training classes are a powerful combination of martial arts techniques, plyometrics, acrobatics, creative forms & weapons performances, and lively special events to recognize and inspire the world's top Hyper athletes. No experience is redundant, and every moment feels like a mysterious and action-filled adventure. Find out why today!

A Training Ground for the Brave and Optimistic

Our Hyper Martial Arts plyometrics and training sessions aim to mold athletes of all ages and experiences into dynamic, courageous, and well-rounded people. We respect the traditional martial arts' beauty and fuse this with the new world's exciting and forward-looking outlook. With the guidance of only our Hyper Pro Training Members, we strive to instill in you discipline, hardcore focus, and patience as you enter the progressive world of Hyper Training.